Doberman Health Survey: Age, Sex, and Cause of Death 2010-2020, logo of Doberman head over DNA strand.

In 1997-1998, I compiled one of the first internet dog health surveys. I was curious about what Dobermans were dying of, at what age, and whether there were any differences between the sexes. That survey ended up getting an incredible response and 835 dogs were submitted. While my original notes for that survey are no longer available, a copy of the article published in the old Doberman Quarterly.

The Original Survey

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It is time to redo the survey. I am collecting information on Dobermans who died between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2020. These dogs do need to be Dobermans, but can be from any registry and nation, and can include rescue dogs, dogs with PAL/Alternative listing numbers, pet dogs, show dogs, working dogs, dogs from commercial breeders, etc. We will be looking at color, so also collecting information on albino/Z factored dogs. Basically, if you had a Doberman who died during this period, please take this survey. Our ambitious goal is 1000 dogs. I'm not sure we will get there with just a 10 year span, but I hope so. The reason for the 10 year span is so that we can contrast and compare the numbers from the past 10 years to those over 20 years ago and see if there are differences. If needed I will expand those dates to get a meaningful number.

For this survey we will be looking specifically at deaths due to inherited genetic disease such as cardiomyopathy, Wobblers/CVI, Liver issues, etc. If your dog died of an illness such as parvo, a tick-borne disease, or an accident such as getting hit by a car, please do not take this survey.

You will be taking the survey for all dogs you owned or had in your possession at the time of death during the 10 year timeframe. Do not take the survey for puppy owners unless they have given you permission so that information is not duplicated.

All information in this survey is confidential and numbers are aggregate. No pedigree information is collected, and no dog will be able to be traced. For instance, you will not be able to say that the 100th dog to take the survey died of cardio at 6 and was a male. We will only know that X number of male dogs died of cardio, and the overall average age at death.

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