Survey on Dobermans producing natural Bobtails in puppies

Early on in the Doberman breed development, some experimentation was done on trying to breed for short/bob tails as a natural occurrence. Herr Doberman had a bitch named Pink who had a natural bobtail. Those experiments ultimately failed, but occasional bobtails still show up. A litter whelped on 3/7/2021 by Ch Chalmar's The Big Red One SchHIII ZTP-V1A x BJF Fireflies In The Garden RI TKN SCN SIN RATN produced a natural bobtail bitch and in discussion on various facebook lists it seems not to be as uncommon as thought. These dogs do not have the gene for bobtail (BT) and are genetically T/T which should be dominant for long tails. The question is whether there is another bobtail gene which is recessive.

This survey is for anyone who has produced a Doberman puppy with natural bobtail of any length. Please fill out the survey once for EACH puppy you have produced. It should only take a couple of minutes to complete. It will be used to look at overall numbers and present to UC Davis and other interested parties to see if there is interest in looking for a recessive gene for this trait.

What sex was the puppy with the natural bobtail?

Thanks so much for filling out this survey!